From One Community to One World ~ a society which values the meaningful inclusion, acceptance, and purpose of those with and without disabilities living together in harmony.


To build a non-exclusive, totally inclusive, community environment ~ developing desirable housing options and social networking for people both with and without disabilities.

Take a deep breath, sit down with a cup of coffee, and let us show you how One Kin Roof will change your life forever.

One Kin Roof

Have you ever connected with someone so completely different than yourself, and found the beauty in it? That's who we are, but we need YOU, and that will make all the difference! Click here to read more about 1KR.

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A Kindred Village (AKV)

Imagine a neighborhood where your friends are neighbors and your neighbors are friends. One where everyone belongs, and where differences are valued, respected, and treasured! Click here to read more about AKV.

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Different is Good!

Is a life best lived wrapped up in a perfect little box? Here at One Kin Roof we believe in the beauty of uniqueness, a little extra flavor, of leaning into a different kind of relationship. One that could touch you so deep, you didn't even realize something was missing. We have to change our thinking. Leave behind the old kind of of ‘us’ and ‘them’ and embrace our shared humanity and differences. We need to open our minds to the idea that maybe, just maybe we could have something to learn? Because for all of us, not having someone in your life who is differently abled is like having the cake with no icing; its good but it could be better! So what if we lost the label, took off our masks and dared to be different?

Our Founders

Meet the blood, sweat and tears behind One Kin Roof!

Angie Millar

Angie Millar’s day job normally takes her around the world flying for a major airline, but ultimately has always known she was meant for a larger purpose. She has been inspired and humbled by her sister Chelsea everyday of her life. Watching Chelsea’s continual progress and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles were enough of a push to start on this journey. Since meeting Debby, the two have been making strides everyday to turn this dream into a reality.

Debby Johnson

Debby Johnson is proud mom to two amazing young adults, Lily and Mikey. She is a long time volunteer, advocate, and event planner for families of individuals who are differently-abled. After a decade of researching intentional communities and dreaming of being involved with building one, she met Angie and later reconnected with Cassandra, who had similar visions. As the One Kin Roof Team continues to grow, she is super excited to see her dream becoming a reality.

Matt Munkelt

Matt Munkelt is a commercial pilot who has a front row ticket to this incredible world we live in, flying for a private company currently based in Tampa, FL. Matt is an invaluable asset to us with his savvy financial planning skills. He finds so much joy being an advocate for those that need that special friend in their life. Since becoming involved with One Kin Roof, Matt has become a mentor and advocate for Debby's son Mikey. They both love music and sharing their days together.

Karla Smith

Karla Smith is a full-time wife, mom, and pilot for a major US airline. Angie, Matt, and Karla met in airline pilot training in 2005, and have been friends ever since. Karla says her main objective for working on One Kin Roof is “for the world to open their hearts and minds to the incredible miracles we have been given and to see them for who they are which is people that are full of life just like us.” Her goal as a mom is to raise her daughter to treat people with EVERY ability exactly the same as she would want to be treated.

Nikki Millar

Nikki Millar is Chelsea and Angie's sister, and has always been a champion for diversity, human rights, and equality. The sisters have been dreaming about 'One Kin Roof' long before they realized it had a name! Chelsea has had a profound impact on Nikki’s life, and is an inspiration each and every day. In fact, she inspired Nikki to volunteer at a camp for kids with chronic illnesses and disabilities, which led to pursuing her master's degree. Now, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Nikki has close to a decade of experience working at non-profit organizations. Nikki is very excited to be a part of the creation of One Kin Roof!

Common Q & A's


1Q: What is differently abled?
A: We define differently abled as someone needing assistance in some areas where others do not, or having other gifted abilities that others do not. Maybe that person is elderly, and can't quite put their shoes on without assistance. Maybe that person is somewhat awkward in social situations. No matter the ability level we embrace EVERYONE!
2Q: What is Inclusion?
A: Inclusion by definition is: including people with and without disabilities, people of different backgrounds. Inclusion happens during school age, yet the opportunities beyond that experience are small, but steadily increasing. Ultimately it is the definition of a win/win.
3Q: What is an intentional neighboring?
A: Intentional neighboring leverages the power and natural dynamics of small-scale, intimate, fully-engaged community. It is the collaboration of a group of people united to meet the needs of a certain type of vulnerable population. In other words its a “training wheels” of sorts; with the continual goal of progress and forward momentum.
4Q: What is neurotypical?
A: Basically it's another word for normal. Our neighborhood from the outside won't look any different than any other. But it's the feeling you get when you walk down the street and see the interaction between neighbors that will set us apart.
5 Q: What is considered a Vulnerable Population?
A: A vulnerable population is one that is often characterized by a stark lack of personal and caring relationships, or the inability to connect to the ‘outside world’. Whereby many gifts and talents are underutilized due to lack of needs being met. It is the desire of the Intentional neighboring concept to surround and support these individuals in a web of love and caring relationships.

Our Sponsors

Michael has been incredible and patient with us right from the beginning. He continues to blow us away with his creative mind.
Jeremy and his team have been an invaluable asset in exponentially increasing the accessibility of our vision through their website design, development, & digital marketing expertise.
We had so much fun with Cassie, it was a wonderful experience for all of our models!
Tim and Jonathan are the President and Vice President of the amazing team at Diamond View. We are so lucky to have teamed up with them. Their vision combined with ours is going to change the world!
Generations of Hope brings together partners and advisors from a range of disciplines including architecture, finance, human services, and academia to advance the model of intentional intergenerational living, and to support new “intentional neighboring” initiatives.” Tom from GOH has been so accommodating and always willing to give advice or a recommendation. We wouldn't be as far along as we are without his help!