The Future – A K.I.N.D.R.E.D. Village


Under the One Kin Roof umbrella, A Kindred Village will include a housing development nestled securely between urban and beach, nearby a University. We envision every generation living together in unity, lending a helping hand whenever one is needed. From young professionals to families, those with disabilities to retired couples, and everyone in between. Through ‘intentional neighboring’ we will create an envelope of support, utilizing the capabilities of a neighborhood at large to protect and love its inhabitants. With independence and choice being of utmost importance, we will inspire each individual to live their life to the fullest, respecting each individual's autonomy and self-determination. Lastly, with the added security of ‘safe home’ technology in addition to energy efficient abodes, we set out to create a long lasting and one of a kind community, thanks to our pioneering predecessors.


We imagine having a sizable community of approximately 100 people. Although the heart of our neighborhood consists of individuals with different abilities, we believe A K.I.N.D.R.E.D. Village will exist and thrive as a result of our variety of habitants. The young professionals are able to infuse the neighborhood with guidance and helpful techniques. Young families will continue the circle of life and add vitality enhancing the future of the neighborhood. University students will add diversity and a constant change to the mix. Our Retired Individuals & Couples; they add the experience, wisdom, and guidance; giving us the template from which to grow and make a mark. And the wildcard? Well, we have to leave room for the wildcard, one can never be too certain who will come across our path!

  • 30% young professionals and families
  • 30% Retired Individuals & Couples
  • 25% Adults with different abilities
  • 10% University and exchange students
  • 5% The Wildcard ~ people we know have a desire and right qualities to fit in


Our model utilizes the benefits of close proximity to a university, walking distance to entertainment, shops, and restaurants and within close proximity to downtown. Natural avenues for recreation, festivals, and opportunities for employment and/or volunteering should be available. We have a couple of favorites in mind, but are not locked in as of yet on where we will grow our community. However we are committed to the Tampa Bay area, and plan to reside within a 40 mile radius of Tampa International Airport.

Why A K.I.N.D.R.E.D. Village

Imagine a neighborhood where your friends are neighbors and your neighbors are friends. One where you belong, and where your differences are valued, respected, and treasured! Most of us take for granted what a simple act of kindness can do for ones well being. Studies are showing those with strong social connections live longer, recover faster, and reap the benefits of increased health in every arena across the board. As life takes its ever changing course, many people find themselves in scenarios they never chose or determined for their future. In providing the platform for rich and dynamic unconventional relationships, we reintroduce quality of life, reduce health care expenses, and solve dual issues of caregiving and housing. A K.I.N.D.R.E.D. Village was named not just as another place to live, but a community built on kindness, inclusion, and love. Kindred means a bond so special that it parallels that of family. Come and join us!






Everyone (including)


“Communities that enable all citizens to play a full and useful role in the social, economic and cultural life of their community are likely to be healthier than those where people face insecurity, exclusion and deprivation.” ~ World Health Organization

The Obstacles

In our world, that of the special needs arena, we are approaching somewhat of an abyss. There are over 75,000 individuals with a disability in Florida alone, one-third living with a caregiver aged 60 or older. They are cutoff from their peers, the workplace, and the community, which leads to an extremely solitary existence for most. In addition to the social living aspect, there is the issue of housing. Many individuals need a supportive environment in order to live independently. Amidst our ‘sandwich’ generation, the demand for caregivers is expected to rise by 48% in the next decade. However, that same target ‘caregiver’ group is only expected to grow by a mere 1%. The final straw being cost: an average apartment in the Tampa / St Petersburg area is 94% of the average payout for SS income for disability in 2017. Also, changes on the horizon to the Home and Community Based Services Waiver could force the closing of 86 intermediate care facilities and 2 higher care facilities in Florida in 2019. Ultimately, the impending housing crisis for the aging population and those with developmental or intellectual disabilities is undeniable and quickly rising in scale.

How to become a part of AKV?

If our village sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out our form below or email one of us directly. One of our team members will get in touch with you to go over any questions or concerns you may have.

Q & A

1Q: When does AKV plan to be up and running?
A: A Kindred Village we hope to have ready by 2020. However; One Kin Roof has been active for about a year and we meet bi-monthly with different activities. Check out our Facebook page to see our next meeting and come join us to get a taste of what we are all about!
2Q: What will AKV look like?
A: We expect a beautiful mix of homes. Stand alone single family dwellings, skinny homes (town homes), and condos. Some will be available for rent, some for purchase. We imagine a lodge in the heart of the community that will include our offices as well as a full time nurse, and a community room with a full kitchen to host monthly gatherings for residents.
3Q: How much will it cost to be a resident of AKV?
A: As we find a physical location to build our community this will become more defined. Our goal is to keep each residence for purchase and rent reasonable, affordable, and attainable for anybody who would like to be a part of our community.
4Q: Why will there be an HOA for AKV?
A: AKV is going to be a special place full of special people. We will be hand picking residents through an interview process to join us in AKV; therefore, the HOA is necessary to keep the safety, security, and heart of the village the way we are building it to go on forever.
5Q: I don't have a degree in caregiving, or in business. Is there any place I could be useful?
If you have the desire in your heart, we have a place for you! Visit the Join Us page, fill out an application and one of our team members will contact you to see what area would be the best fit.

AKV Residents & Paid Positions

We will not be in the building stage for a few more years. However, when the time comes, we envision and welcome every ability and family structure. If you would like more information to become part of our Village, whether as a resident or one of our paid positions please email Debby or Karla:

E-Mail Debby

E-Mail Karla

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