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1KR: What & Who:

One Kin Roof is a unique and innovative approach to integrating adults with disabilities into the community through a proven and systematic technique. We envision a vibrant group of people from every walk of life overflowing with fun and the feeling of belonging! Seeking the sturdiness of a tripod like approach, incorporating the untapped potential of University students, distinguished/retired adults, and structured activities within a plethora of established business partnerships. Our University program will provide for a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing students seeking degrees in several related fields to fulfill required credits. The distinguished residents will add wisdom, experience, and advice, and in return, they will be rewarded with an added sense of purpose and productivity. Our volunteers will act as liaisons to support these growing relationships within a variety of activities throughout the community.

We ultimately believe that when everyone is included, only then can everyone realize their greatest potential. As a result of our endeavors, we intend to raise awareness and create a "butterfly effect" thus allowing small changes to ultimately affect society's continually evolving opinion of those with different abilities


For the past year we have hosted an array of activities all over the Tampa Bay Area, including:

  • Painting
  • Concerts
  • Karaoke
  • Dinner and conversation
  • Coffee and board games
  • Parties

As AKV, and these university partnerships materialize, we will become more localized. Our upcoming schedule is listed below, we would love to have anyone join us!


Close your eyes for a moment and picture your life and everything good in it. What do you see? Joy or happiness, a sense of purpose, sharing time with friends? Now imagine your life with no friends, other than family. Not. even. one. A little less colorful, perhaps? This is often the life of the dis-abled, or elderly as their lives are inundated with service providers, therapy, caregivers, and other forms of paid staff. We see an opportunity to facilitate relationships that often are not existent due to barriers: both real limitations like an inability to speak, and imagined ones from personal fears based on lack of experience. Through the weaving together of different abilities, both parties are made stronger. Elderly and adults with disabilities experience increased self worth, confidence and a reduction of “problem behaviors”, while their ‘givers’ receive the ultimate gifts of worthiness, increased capability, and intrinsic happiness. This is the power of connection, arguably the reason we are here!

As Dr. Suess so clearly stated, “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

Event Registration

If you would like to join us for one or more of our events please fill out the 1KR Social Club Membership Form below. The form only needs to be completed once, not for each event.

1KR Membership

Calendar / Events

This shows our upcoming activities for One Kin Roof social meet-ups, or any special events we have coming up! Everyone is welcome! We highly encourage bringing a friend or sibling along with. The more, the merrier. We will be updating this page along with our Facebook page frequently, so please check back with us!

Out and About ~ Social Calendar

  • Dec 9th ~ Holiday Party (see Facebook for Details)

Stay tuned for these upcoming events, if you would like to join us for any or all of these events whether you are a volunteer or participant, please fill out our event registration form below. You can also stay informed on our events with our Facebook page.

  • Festivals
  • Bowling & Dinner
  • Sailing
  • Tennis for Fun
  • Concerts
  • Fly Day - Airplane Rides
  • Paddle boarding
  • Fourth Friday - Tampa
  • First Friday- St. Pete
  • Saturday Morning Market/ St.Pete
  • Busch Gardens
  • Pier 60
  • Karaoke
  • The Palladium Theatre @ St. Petersburg College
  • Synchrony Arts Productions
  • Christmas Tree lighting & Exchange Party

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