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The Founders

Angie Millar

Angie’s day job normally takes her around the world flying for a major airline, but ultimately has always known she was meant for a larger purpose. Graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelors in Aeronautical Science, and a minor in safety; she uses the flexibility of her schedule to her full advantage. Though a Tampa native; she was born in Brisbane, Australia and attributes much of her personality to her Aussie roots! When not working on One Kin Roof, you will find her near or on the saltwater or possibly a dance floor if she has any say in it…

She has been inspired and humbled by her sister Chelsea everyday of her life. Watching Chelsea’s continual progression against all odds, and innately strong desire for friends and independent living were enough of a push to start on this journey. Since meeting Debby, the two have been making strides everyday to turn this dream into a reality.

A quote from Malcolm Gladwells book, "The Tipping Point.” ~ "That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first. "

Let's enjoy the ride!

Debby Johnson

Debby Johnson has been a volunteer for over 25 years with organizations in and around the Tampa Bay area. After a decade of researching intentional communities and dreaming of being involved with building one, she is excited to see One Kin Roof become a reality.

Debby is a Detroit native, but a Florida soul through and through. After moving to Treasure Island in 1985, she’s never looked back! She’s a proud mom to two amazing young adults, Mikey (23) and Lily (20). She is a long time volunteer, advocate, and event planner for families of individuals who are differently abled. An entrepreneur at heart, she opened up her first of two independent yogurt shops in 1985. For almost 25 years, she, along with her husband have owned and operated family restaurants and a pet motel, day care, and grooming establishment. Additionally, their beach grills were known for hosting charity events.

Some of the official volunteer positions she has enjoyed over the years include: Regional Chair for The Williams Syndrome Association (22 years), Rotarian, serving on Family Advisory Council for Johns-Hopkins-All Children's Hospital, participating on the board at Perkins Magnet Endowment Fund for Perkins Elementary Magnet School (4 years), and volunteering for Pinellas County Schools. Lastly, she sat on the board for the St. Pete Beach area chamber of commerce in the late 1980’s, a true believer in the benefits of community!

Her interests are vast but include: having good times with friends and family, being on or near the water, animals, and nice long walks on the beach. Oh yes, and dolphin watching! Sometimes she gets a little distracted during sightings, which is fine as long as she's not near the pool! She like’s to check out every nook and cranny within the local community and often finds herself at random events, for example: awareness training, laughing seminars, and even discovered she enjoyed turtle nest sitting one season!

After a decade of researching intentional communities and dreaming of being involved with building one, she met Angie and later reconnected with Cassandra, who had similar visions. As the One Kin Roof Team continues to grow, she is excited to see her dream becoming a reality.

Karla Smith

Karla Smith holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Aeronautics from the University of North Dakota. When she's not spending time at home in West Virginia with her husband and daughter, she is out flying 737’s for a major US airline.

Every time I hear the expression "were you born in a barn" I have to chuckle because I spent most of my childhood in one. I grew up on farm outside the rural community of Bowbells, North Dakota where I spent every waking moment attached to my Dad's hip. In high school, I had the unique opportunity to care for a beautiful girl named April. She was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, that left her non-verbal. Communicating with her was difficult, but that didn't change the impact she had on me.

Still somehow this small town girl ended up in Houston, Texas flying airplanes for a regional airline where I met Angie, who would years later be the maid of honor in my wedding. I met Angie's family in the fall of 2005 while visiting the Tampa area and immediately fell in love with all of them! I connected with Chelsea right from the start, and will always hold a special place in my heart for her.

April's memory and Chelsea's legacy might be my driving force for working on One Kin Roof, but my hope is for the world to open their hearts and minds to these incredible miracles we have been given and to see them for who they are which is people that are full of life just like you and me. My goal as a mother is to raise my daughter to treat people with EVERY ability exactly the same as she would want to be treated.

Matt Munkelt

Matt has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Business Management from Utah Valley University, and is presently a Captain on a Gulfstream G550 for a private corporation based in Tampa, FL.

A recent transplant to the Tampa, FL area, he grew up in a small mom and pop beach town in Southern California called Seal Beach. As long as he can remember he’s been pulled to the ocean and is happiest when he’s on or in the water. An accomplished amateur surfer and golfer growing up, he also enjoys fishing as well as spending time with family and friends any opportunity that he gets. Over the past few years he’s found himself craving the mountains and the solitude that comes along with immersing himself in the wilderness. Although originally by happenstance, he knew it the first time he passed through stunning Whitefish, MT., that the town would forever hold a piece in his heart. Last Fall he decided to purchase some property there and now Whitefish has become his favorite vacation destination!

Within each one of our lives there is a turning point, for Matt that was the unexpected diagnosis of cancer at 21 years old. Through his excellent team of doctors, nurses, support team and the grace of Jesus Christ, he was able to overcome and is today a proud cancer survivor. Shortly thereafter he decided to embark on his journey which is now his profession, flying airplanes.

At the time, his cancer diagnosis was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to him, now when he looks back, it was truly a blessing in disguise. It sparked a strong desire in him to make the very most of my life, to enjoy each and every day and to give back to others in need. He became a volunteer at Children’s Hospital in Orange County, CA where he spent time with kids who were afflicted with cancer. In March of 2005 he met Angie and Karla in a new hire class together for ExpressJet Airlines and became fast friends. Through Angie, he learned about her incredible sister, Chelsea, who is on the Autism spectrum. Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) in general quickly became a cause near and dear to his heart. From that time on, he’s been a longtime supporter of those who are differently-abled.

One Kin Roof, has given him more than he could’ve ever imagined. It has provided an awesome opportunity to challenge and change the way society views those with different abilities. He aim’s to promote inclusion and acceptance within communities and build a pathway for those with I/DD to live in a safe and welcoming environment. It is a project that will change the lives of each person whom it reaches. One Kin Roof, the journey has begun!

Nikki Millar

Nikki Millar is Chelsea and Angie's older sister, and has always been a champion for diversity, human rights, and equality. Nikki and Angie have been dreaming about 'One Kin Roof' for long before they realized it had a name! Chelsea has had a profound impact on Nikki's life and has been her heart's inspiration. It was Chelsea who inspired Nikki to volunteer at an amazing camp for kids with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and then later, to decide to pursue her master's degree in social work. Nikki is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has close to a decade of experience working at non-profit organizations. The development of ‘One Kin Roof’ means the world to Nikki, and she feels incredibly blessed and excited to continue being an active part of the development of this amazing community!

Nikki is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently for Pinellas County Schools, and has worked with children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of capacities for over 15 years in both Florida and California. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Florida.

The Inspiration

Meet sassy Chelsea Millar, Angie and Nikki’s youngest sister…“Thinking we have to work change thinking about people with autism. Want to do that soon. Reading about autism is one thing…to know it is something else. Think autism will get worse. RPM will give a voice to those with no voice. Ready to change the world. We must come together to work to relieve those with autism and their families. We think we are forgotten. Want to change that. Want people to think how they can help us more. World….get….ready!”

- Chelsea M.

Hi! Everyone calls me Mikey J. I love going to concerts, bowling, and hanging out with friends! I also love to research Fire Rescue, Police and Medic, everything First Responder. I am in a volunteering capacity at All Children's Hospital working in Music Therapy Department. I love a variety of musical instruments including piano's, drums, saxophones, trumpets! I love all musical instruments and dream of being in a band one day. Reading is also one of my favorite hobbies, reading to the 3rd graders at Perkins Elementary School is one of my favorite things to do! I wake up smiling and go to bed smiling! A picture is worth a thousand words! Please join us in making One Kin Roof and A Kindred Village happen in St Petersburg, FL.

- Mikey J.

The Story of Us

Angie and Debby met serendipitously through a housing project they had both agreed to collaborate on. It was during their first meeting at a pizza parlor with Chelsea and Mikey that they realized they had very similar, and most definitely grand visions. As they sat for hours and talked about what Debby saw for her son, and Angie for her sister, they knew they had something special. Now, with the help of Generations of Hope we are ready to grow into an incredible Inclusive Intentional Community in the Tampa Bay area.

The Board of Directors

Though we may be small right now, we are mighty! We are actively looking for volunteers to diversify our board and broaden our horizons.

Dr. Cassandra Jeyaram: Public Relations and Communications

Dr. Cassandra Jeyaram is the most recent addition to our team. She met Angie Millar during Delta Air Lines’ Autism "Take Flight" Program in Atlanta this past year. Cassandra's son not only has autism but a rare genetic condition, the same as Debby's son Mikey. Cassandra and Debby connected soon after Cassandra's son was diagnosed in 2009. Recently, when Debby and Cassandra realized they had a mutual connection with Angie, she quickly agreed to join forces with us. Cassandra brings more than 20 years communications, marketing and public relations experience to our team.

Before starting her own business - Liquid Media Consulting, Cassandra worked for the world's largest hotel company and successfully launched the company's international social media program. During her tenure in the hospitality industry, Cassandra was on the national speaker circuit and won several industry awards for her work in social media.

Cassandra has also worked for a wide range of businesses from small law firms to Fortune 500 companies and has taught at multiple universities and colleges. She earned her PhD in Communications Law from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Cassandra was awarded the prestigious Roy H. Park Fellowship – a full scholarship to the School of Media and Journalism's PhD program. She also holds a Master's in Advertising and Public Relations and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism both from the University of Alabama.

Cassandra is actively engaged in the differently abled community by donating her consulting services to local non profits such as Spectrum - Autism Support Group and FOCUS & Fragile Kids. She also manages multiple Facebook groups advocating for individuals with disabilities. Cassandra is a published book author and has a patent pending.

Cassandra loves spending time with her family and enjoys writing children's books. Her upcoming book is about her three-year-old daughter's struggle to wake up in the morning and she uses a unique visual technique to help readers learn about prepositional phrases. Cassandra hopes to start her own publishing company that encourages authors to write books to help individuals with learning differences and styles. Further, Cassandra is excited to help One Kin Roof achieve its goal of intentional and integrated communities – not only on a local level, but internationally as well. With great anticipation, she looks forward to living in a One Kin Roof community with her family in the future.

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